We are advertising for a part-time network administrator to help us build and run the network.

Establishing a new network is a substantial undertaking similar to setting up a new spin-out company. The network administrator will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the network, working closely with the network management team (director Dr Steffen Zschaler and co-director Prof Perdita Stevens) and the network facilitator.

Tasks for the network administrator will include communicating with members and external partners, managing the network website, reporting to the network management team, organising network-event logistics, and managing the administration of network funding programmes.

This is an exciting role central to the success of the new network. If you are an experienced administrator and want to help us make this new initiative a reality, we are looking forward to your application.

For more information about the network please see the About page. For more information about the post and to apply, please refer to the official job pack or contact the network director.

We look forward to your application!