We are advertising for a network facilitator to help us build and run the network.

Establishing a new network is a substantial undertaking similar to setting up a new spin-out company and requiring a full-time member of staff who can pro-actively drive initiatives. The activities to be undertaken go beyond basic administrative tasks and require a background in business or communications as well as a willingness to learn about the technical and research foundations of model-driven engineering. This position will be an excellent career choice for someone aiming to build a career in research translation and impact. The network facilitator will be supported by a part-time network administrator for the day-to-day administration of the network.

This is an exciting role central to the success of the new network. The network facilitator will work closely with the director of the network, Dr Steffen Zschaler, and the co-director of the network, Prof Perdita Stevens, and will be directly responsible for driving the strategic development of the network.

Among other things, the network facilitator will

  1. With the network’s research working group, run a programme of regular calls for the seed-corn fund;
  2. With the network’s training working group, identify network members who can contribute new training material and assist them in producing these materials;
  3. Chair the public relations working group of the network, including being in charge of any social media and other communication and dissemination channels as well as managing the production of regular issues of the technology radar;
  4. Identify and, together with the network director and co-director, curate, existing materials for the website (success stories, training material, etc.) and commission any presentational improvements required before publication;
  5. Commission from network members articles on MDE for the tradepress, blogs, etc.;
  6. Manage, together with the network director and co-director, a range of network funds;
  7. With the network director and co-director, secure funding to ensure the sustainability of the network beyond the initial funding period; and
  8. Represent the network at relevant events.

For more information about the network please see the About page. For more information about the post and to apply, please refer to the official job pack or contact the network director.

We look forward to your application!